Antari Z1020 Vertical Fog machine


EAN: 4719850650858


Antari Z-1020, the most powerful DMX-controlled vertical pure fog machine which stands differently from the other Z-Series. Its design is for special purposes and applications which you can’t find in any fog machines available. It uses mirror-piping heater technology that supports advance features and high-throughout burst mode with its extreme low energy consumption.

The Z-1020 can be positioned on the ground to fog upward to have a column of fog effect or can be mounted on the wall to easily blend the surroundings with atmospheric effect. Or else can be used to fog in upright position by carrying the handle like ordinary fog machine. Other features include DMX on-board, built-in electronic low fluid detector. Light weight, sleek and compact design, easy installation and maintenance. Z-1020 is perfect for theatrical and studio application, large halls, concerts, DJ touring and clubs. Custom flight cases are also an optional choice for 2 units of Z-1020.


» Voltage : U.S. version : 120 Volt

Europe version : 230 Volt

U.K. version : 240 Volt

Japan version : 100 Volt

» Heater : 1,000 W

» Output : 16,000 cu.ft / min

» First Heat-up Time : 11 min

» Tank Capacity : 2.4 liter

» Fluid Consumption Rate : 11 min / liter (100% Output)

» Remote Included : Z-10 ON/OFF (Toggle Switch)

» Optional Remotes : Z-40 Timer Remote , Z-50 Wireless Remote

» Optional Accessories : FZ-1020 Flight Case , 2 units of Z-1020 can be put into 1 flight case

» Weight : 9.8 Kg » Dimensions (mm) : L 370 W 295 H 135

» DMX : On board

» Liquid Used : Antari FLR / FLG Liquid


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